Thursday, April 5, 2012

UBUNTU "I am because we are".

I read a story yesterday about a group of African children. In short, the children were asked to race to a tree and the winner would win the sweetest fruits but instead of competing for the fruit, they all held hand and raced towards the tree together. When asked why they did this they replied that it would not be good for one of them to have pleasure while his brothers and sisters suffer. This concept they referred to as UBUNTU which means "I am because we are." This really hit home with me because this strikes at the core of what we as musicians have historically been about. This craft on the surface has seemed competitive but it has always been about the progress of the whole. Each one teach one and a universal comradery. The modern music industry has taken us away from this concept of togetherness. We all feel as if other artists and musicians are our enemy instead of our ally. Now this works well for the corporate structure because as long as they keep us all fighting against each other they can divide and conquer. Imagine what we could do if we all returned to a mind set of helping each other and everyone sincerely wanting to see the other guy do well. When one wins, we all win. We could control our own bookings, tours, studios, production and distribution. I know this sounds like some far fetched concept by modern capitalist standards but it can work. I am because we are means none of us is an island. We all need each other and we can ALL achieve higher heights by working together. Let's try to adopt this philosophy moving forward, Enjoy the journey.

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