Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stay Grounded

Being in this industry is like walking through the desert. The greater your thirst becomes, the more delusional you become. You start to see and believe the mirage. It's important not to get sucked into the illusion and start chasing an almost unattainable thing. The thing I speak of is FAME. Fame is the biggest lie ever told because most of us believe that fame and riches go hand and hand but they don't. We must stay grounded. The powers that run this game count on artists with inflated egos that are driven to ONLY be the TALENT while they handle the business and count the money. The danger is that the artist starts to believe his/her own hype and thinks that all the people working for him/her are there because they need to be but they are only there to take from you for the most part. The worst enemy of this industry is a grounded, humble artist with intellect and talent. An artist that looks at the BIG picture and not just the immediate money. There really is no immediate money. Everything takes time and work but those artists caught up in the illusion still believe that they need to have all of these managers, agents and contracts to get paid. Keeping your feet on the ground will always make sure that you are able to see all sides of the game. You simply have to play different roles. You can't walk into the business meeting as the artist. The artist only needs to exist in creative environments. The business man/woman needs to be present in all other situations but this is hard to do if you are drinking your own kool aid. You begin to see doing business as beneath you. So many broke artists have made this mistake. Just stay grounded and your success is guaranteed. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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