Monday, April 16, 2012

Be User Friendly

To really be successful as musicians we have to always be objective, rational and humble. Too much ego and emotional ignorance can allow us to be manipulated and effect our bottom line. I tour with a lot of people and one of the reason's I continue to get calls is that I try to stay user friendly. Being a hired musician is like being on a team and every team is made of of role players. You have a coach or leader and other positions there after. You can not enter ANY situation thinking that it's ever about YOU. We are hired to be the creative extension of whatever the situation calls for. We should ALWAYS be prepared by studying the music and yes TAKING NOTES OR WRITING CHARTS. When I'm hired to play, I always ask how they want it too feel, what tempo, dress code . . .etc. Even if it's material that I've played with other people, I try to never take anything for granted. Unless an artist tells me to do my own thing, I am there to make them happy. Even in doing my so called "own thing", I have to do what best serves the musical situation and not just my ego. This is the very reason that most really talented musicians don't land or can't keep the higher profile or better paying gigs. They miss the fact that this is a business and we are hired to do only what is asked of us, no more no less. People want us to play the music with class, professionalism and enthusiasm. It is always about being flexible and accommodating. Being user friendly doesn't make you any less of a musician it just makes life flow smoother and it will make sure you get called again and again. Talent is only one part of it. Having a delightful personality and being easy to get along with goes as far, if not farther than talent. You can always do your own projects to express your personal creative outlet but if you are hired to do a gig just understand that you are there to make THEM happy by giving the things they want. Playing music is a blessing and can be super rewarding when done right with great people. Remember to be user friendly and enjoy the journey.

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