Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's Your Plan?

Most people think that having success in the music industry is all about being lucky and they are right in some regard but not completely. You may get a lucky break that gets you a shot but luck is not enough to sustain a long career. Music, like any other career, takes planning. They say be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. This saying is a warning to those that don't have a plan. The key to success in ANY field is having a plan. What's your plan? Keep in mind that plans are sometimes made to be changed but you must first have one. You can have anything you want but you must have a practical day to day plan of action. Truth be told, you really create your own luck based on how you work your plan. What most people fail to do is KEEP planning. Once you reach one goal, you have to move to the next plan. I've seen a lot of artists and athletes make millions of dollars only to end up loosing it all because they didn't have a plan. They just figured the money would always come and it doesn't, not without a structured plan to diversify and further invest in the growth of your career. You have to always look ahead. The money I make now should be used to help me achieve the next phase of my plan and so on and it's not always about big things. You must first decide what you want, then make a plan that involves what you will do day to day to accomplish the goal. Not planning only contributes to complacency and eventual failure. We can have whatever we want! We just have to take our heads out of the clouds and understand that success is under our control. And don't try to follow someone Else's plan. Pave your own way. Steve Jobs became a legend because he looked at the landscape and decided to reinvent it in his own vision. He definitely had a plan that is still being worked even after his death. You too can innovate and leave a legacy of something beautiful but not without having a vision and a plan to implement it. So again I ask you . . . What's YOUR plan? Enjoy the journey.

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