Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Don't Complain, Invest In Yourself

The music business is no different than any other. Your success starts with you and your personal will to succeed. You have to understand that making excuses and complaining will only waste your time and slow your process. The problem in this industry is that most of us want something for nothing. We want fame and money but we are not willing to invest in ourselves. This is why record companies have always gotten over on us, and by the looks of things will continue to do so. Don't complain just invest in yourself! We've all read credits on Cd's and seen that executive producer credit. The executive producer is the person who basically pays the bill and takes the lion's share of the financial risk. Most artists want to make records and get promoted but are not willing to invest one dime of their own money yet they will be the first to complain when their record makes money and the bills have to be paid first. I tell you I speak from experience on this one. I've produced a lot of independent records on artists that had great talent but very little self belief. They were quite fine with my company paying for all of the recording expenses and guiding their career but once the product was done and we had to discuss how I would get paid for my investment, it was as if I insulted them. They really felt like they shouldn't have to pay me. I've even done records on a spec deal, which means you get paid on the back end, and once the artist got their CD done and started selling . . . well let's just say that I'm still waiting on the first payment years later LOL. These are the same people that will complain that no one wants to help them or the world is against them, boo hoo hoo. Well I have no sympathy for ANY artist that will not invest in themselves at all. I mean if all you can do is invest a few hundred dollars, that's something but to not take ANY risk and expect everything for free, that's not going to work. If you REALLY want to be a success, just invest in yourself and don't spend ANY time complaining. It's really counter productive. Enjoy the journey.

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