Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The music industry has a reputation for being a cut throat business but I dare say that it is no more so than any other BIG industry. Money or the LOVE of money can be an intoxicating thing and it can make people loose site of their intended purpose. It is most important to always practice good business ethics. You should always strive to be an honest and trustworthy person, not only in life but in your business. It is OK to be blunt and focused but your intentions must be sincere from the outset. There are people in this industry that set out to defraud, lie and misguide people by simply exploiting someone's ignorance or passion to succeed. Most people enter this business wanting to be rich and famous by any means. The truth is they don't even have good ethics themselves. I mean they will betray anyone or anything if it means they can be famous or rich. This never ends well. I've had situations where my intent was honorable but the people I worked with were not. They wanted something for nothing and had no real respect for my services and when things didn't turn out the way they should have, these people blamed me but it only turned out bad because of their lack of ethics. Don't be fooled, you CAN be successful in this business and still maintain your integrity. Understand that there are NO shortcuts and you must be careful who you work with. NEVER work with unethical people. Also don't expect to just sit by on the sidelines and have everything given to you. This type of attitude will only get you ripped off. Just practice good business with good people and if you happen to make some mistakes, and you will make some, just learn from them and move forward. AND NEVER GET CAUGHT UP IN BAD MOUTHING PEOPLE! This is never a good thing. You should never say anything behind anyone's back that you can't say in their face. Once you say it to them, that's it, no need to repeat it to any one else. Just be ethical and enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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