Monday, May 7, 2012


Musicians live an exciting life. If we are lucky, we get to create and perform for people all over the world. Most people identify us as thrill seeking, drug using, fast living, rock & roll junkies and as much as I would like to dispute it, there are far too many examples of this being true. The one misconception is that drugs and alcohol are the worst enemy but I beg to differ. Many musicians will make it through their alcohol or drug phase but miss the worse addiction of all and that is FOOD. We spend all of our time trying to be the best we can be at our craft but we neglect our lifestyle. As we get older our diet and exercise regimen becomes more and more important. The truth is that is has always been important! Our quality of life is strictly based on how we treat our bodies. It's important that we monitor what we eat. We have to keep late hours and sometimes get very little sleep so it is vital that we drink plenty of water, exercise and eat foods that will help our bodies. Alcohol & drugs are not our friends but neither are fast foods, sodas and high in sugar snacks. I advise everyone to reassess your lifestyle choices as it relates to diet and exercise. It will improve your quality of life for sure. Enjoy the journey.

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