Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bought Sense

We have all heard that experience is the best teacher. This is so true but it doesn't mean that you have to personally experience EVERYTHING to learn from an it. Being successful requires as much humility as it does drive and ambition. What I mean is that you can't walk around thinking you know everything. I can remember as a younger musician being warned of certain pit falls to look out for and some of those warnings I heeded and others I thought I knew better but I soon found out about something that the old folks called bought sense. You know when you have a hard head about something and you end up paying a huge price for you arrogance and refusal to listen. Now I'm not saying that we won't have to make mistakes or go through things but we should at least make some NEW mistakes. For instance, in this day and age there is really no reason for ANYONE to get ripped off by signing a bad publishing or record deal. There are far too many examples of what NOT to do but we still hear stories about people signing bad deals and then complaining that they didn't know. That's what you call some bought sense and don't always be so willing to only take advice from those who were successful, there are far more lessons in talking to people that fell short because they will give you priceless, career saving information. Just stay humble and keep your heart and ears open to learn from the experiences of others, good and bad. Enjoy the journey.

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