Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back To Square One

I just watched a documentary on band Fishbone and it was a bitter sweet story but the thing that stood out to me was how for them it was always ONLY about the art and the music. When they put their band together they were not thinking about record deals or being rich and famous. They were just kids that loved music and wanted to play. This was so refreshing to see and it made me realize that in this fast pace corporate driven industry we now live in it's time to get back to square one. We all spend so much time focusing on the getting deals and making money that our music has began to suffer. It's as if we can't just create or trust the music we hear in our hearts. We are too busy trying to keep up with the latest style or some one's idea of what something should be. Even in traditional genres like Jazz and Blues there are so many opinions about what is real or not real and cats are only making music they thing will fit into this game. Well that is a bunch of crap. Any music that you create from YOUR soul is real because it came from a sincere place and it has nothing to do with how well you can play or sing. If you have something to communicate and you can do it sincerely and honestly then THAT is art. That's what made Fishbone unique. They didn't care about trying to be like someone else, they just made the music they loved which just happened to include influences from all genres of music. Even though they didn't rise all the way to the so called top, they were one of the most influential bands in the modern era and they are still doing it. They are not rich and they still refuse to sell out to this industry. The band is STILL forging ahead to discover new sounds and create new music. I applaud their courage. It's time that we ALL get back to square one. Trust me everything else we desire will come if we are always honest and sincere with this craft. Enjoy the journey.

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