Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Write It Down

I'm currently consulting a very talented young group of artists and this is giving me a chance to revisit some very fundamental things about this business. Building and guiding your career is a huge and constant undertaking and we can sometimes get overwhelmed because we find ourselves running in several directions at once with no real purpose. Again I remind you that this is a BUSINESS and like any other business we have to follow certain protocols. Whatever your goals are, simply write it down. I know this sounds too simple but it really works. Prioritize your goals and write them down along with a to do list for each step or phase of accomplishing these tasks. This will keep you focused and give you a way to track your progress. It will enable you to make concrete business decisions and not emotional ones. You will also be able to invest your time and money better. Once you write your goals down, you should place a copy where you can view them daily as a way to keep you on task. Trust me, this works. Sustained success is about being organized. This also works because in order to write something down, you have to give it some critical thought and evaluate strategies. So make sometime today to start writing your goals down and enjoy the journey.

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