Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Be Optimistic

I had a conversation with a friend recently and she was telling me about an acquaintance of hers that was a musician and he was in a funk. He's been in the industry a while and has had some not so great dealings with people and/or companies so he's now feeling a bit down and is not sure what his next step should be. This happens to ALL of us, especially those of us that have the privilege of doing big tours with major artists. While we are on the road with them, we get treated like kings and we get paid well but once that train stops moving, we are forced to deal with what's left. FEAR NOT! I have the answer to this funk. We all have to understand that life and our careers are all about change and transition. We are always moving from one place or another in our career, at least we should be if we are advancing. The answer is to always be optimistic. You have to know that no situation lasts forever and you shouldn't want it to. The new music industry gives us more options and opportunities than ever before. We don't need record deals or managers. We just have to be willing to work for ourselves everyday. Now the issue is most of us are spoiled and we are still looking at the OLD industry where the artists was catered to and the musicians were heralded and praised. Well along with all that fame and praise, a large majority of them were ripped off because they did not have any stake in the business end of their own career. They were just THE TALENT. Instead of feeling down about things, take time to be optimistic about all of the new possibilities that now exist for us as independent artists. I mean you can make a million dollars selling music on the web and still not be a household name. Forget the ego and the search for so called fame. That's usually when we get into a funk because we are looking at the picture the wrong way. Take control of your career, make plan and execute that plan daily. I guarantee that if you work it, you will see results and when you are busy focusing on moving your career forward, you have less time to complain or be down about anything because you are so optimistic and positive about working your plan. Stay ever vigilant. Use your experience and knowledge to your advantage and above all else, enjoy the journey.

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