Thursday, June 28, 2012

Knowing Is Not Enough

The pursuit of success seems quite difficult for a lot of us and we find ourselves confused as to why. We have years of experience and we have gained tons of invaluable knowledge yet we still find ourselves a few steps short of the success we want. Well the reason for this is that knowing is just not enough. Knowledge without action means absolutely nothing. A lot of us know what to do but we just won't follow through on getting it done. Even if we start, we have a problem seeing it all the way through. This is why we see so many so called less talented people having success because what they lack in knowledge and experience they more than make up for in the action department. I'm sure each of us can take stock of things we could start doing in the next few days that would drastically improve our careers. We just have to get up and DO IT. It's like anything else in life. Everybody complains about being overweight and we all know the answer to loosing weight but if we don't ACT on that knowledge then we just end of destroying our bodies and our quality of life. Well the same applies to our careers, if we don't ACT on the knowledge we have then we will never advance. We will always be talking about what coulda, shoulda, woulda happened. In the words of Little Richard, "Talk is cheap but ole do is still the thang." ACT NOW and enjoy the journey.

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