Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is It True?

In order to be successful in any industry the first thing we must do is face the truth about ourselves. We must know our strengths and weaknesses. As musicians we sometimes get a bad reputation for how we do things. People say that we are not time conscious, they say we drink on the job and so forth and so on. Now a lot of us complain about not being respected and we blame our lack of opportunity on everyone else. The bean counters that run the music industry don't respect us and they don't think we deserve to make more than a meager wage and they base this largely on how WE do business. The thing we have to do is analyze where we are and instead of playing the victim, we must ask ourselves,"Is it true?" The music industry is one of the only industries in which you can work with people that make millions, attain a lot of notoriety, travel the world and still walk away from the situation living check to check. This has gone on forever because as musicians we don't put OUR business first. We don't look at our craft and skill as a valuable commodity so we develop habits that simply taint our brand and allow people to use us but we are never really able to benefit from our talent. I suggest that we stop blaming others and face the truth about who we are and what we do. In order to succeed at anything, it takes consistent work, doubly so for us because we most times have to work late playing shows but we must still rise early enough to handle our business. I mean proper business hours are basically 9 to 5 and most musicians sleep these hours away instead of using them to do business that will push their career forward. We must also understand that we have to be in the business of breaking the myths that exist about musicians being lazy ego maniacs. Well I say myths. LOL We have to know that you can never get something for nothing and if you are not willing to carry yourself in a business like manner at ALL times on and off the stage, then you will never attain the respect and success you seek. I'm not trying to be harsh. I'm simply tired of seeing so many of us self destruct and blame someone else. As I've stated before, WE HAVE THE POWER! No one else in this industry or any other should be allowed to define us. It's time for us to upgrade the reputation of musicians and artists alike by taking responsibility for our own actions. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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