Thursday, June 14, 2012


As we continue to live and grow in this industry and life, we realize that it is just not easy. We are all learning something new about ourselves everyday yet we have to always put on our best for the public. As artists we live a highly conflicted existence. It's often hard to explain our actions and reasoning to others. Most people will judge us, sometimes even those closest to us but it takes a true strength to survive and really be a success. The one thing that is constant with us is change. We are constantly growing and trying to better ourselves and the world around us and YES we make mistakes mostly because we truly live out loud. We take chances and we are not afraid to move on when we know it's time. This seems like it should be the natural inclination for anyone but it's not. Most people stay in situations that they know are not good for them just because it's what they are used to but it takes strength and courage to know better and do better. This most times requires letting go of certain things and relationships. We live in a creative zone so we are more in touch with our feelings and this is why we can take what may seem to be a bad situation and write the most beautiful and poignant songs about it. Here in lies the lessons and essence of who and what we are. Creative beings. Never let anyone take your zeal and drive for your craft or life. Stay strong! They may not understand now, but they will one day. Your success will shine as a light to show them the way. Be blessed, stay encouraged and enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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