Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stay Informed

In this high speed digital age, one of the hardest things to do is to keep up with changes and advancements in any field. Information has always been and will always be POWER. In the music industry musicians and artists are usually at the bottom of the business pack because we simply focus on the creative. Don't get me wrong, that IS our primary job but we must also know that we have to spend time learning and operating at other levels in this business. We must simply stay informed. If we expend all of our time and energy in only playing clubs or booking party gigs, then that is all we will ever see. What about the music industry outside of all of that. I mean everyday I read something new about advancements in how people are consuming music digitally and how this new landscape enables us as artists to have new business freedoms. Now the problem is that most of us don't REALLY want to work too hard doing anything other than our music and keeping up with the industry and guiding your own career is a LOT of work. But it has to be done. Even when you have a manager, agent and attorney, you still have to guide them because they work for you. You have to give them the vision not the other way around. Staying informed also let's you know what's missing in the industry and that can allow you to be an innovator. We are living in a great time for pioneers. The music industry is still in flux and the old rules no longer apply. Always know what's going on not only with the popular side of what you do but research movie scoring, T.V. and movie sound tracks, YouTube T.V. . . etc. Use your imagination and this technology to help push your career to the next level. There are no limits. Enjoy the journey.

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