Monday, June 4, 2012

We CAN Make A Difference

Last week I blogged about a gross mistreatment of musicians by a festival retail vendor. After posting the blog I was contacted by a fellow musician friend and we, along with several other friends, began to get the word out to any one that would listen. As a result, the retailer ended up backing away from his 45% commission and settled on 20%, which is 5% better than the previous retail deal. This was proof that we CAN make a difference. So many of us spend time complaining about how we get treated but we don't feel like we can really do anything about it. We must understand that we DO have power. Now we must respect the fact that we have to do business with people and everybody wants to make money. It's never possible for us to own 100% of everything because retailers, agents and festivals need to have an interest in order to help us get promoted and make money. We simply want to treated fairly and with respect but we must first operate with honor and respect in how we handle our own business. When people know that we will not stand for disrespect and mistreatment, they will think twice about messing with us. This doesn't mean that we won't have to deal with drama, but we have to always be prepared to stand against any injustice and mistreatment. This retailer backing down from this deal do to pressure from musicians and consumers should serve as a small example of what we can do if we simply stand for what we believe. Stay ever vigilant and enjoy the journey.

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