Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Changing Gears

Most people have no idea of the mental capacity it takes to do what we do. Beyond having to be entrepreneurs and handle our day to day business such as bookings, sessions, classes . . .etc, we have to always be at our best mentally because the demands of our jobs are ALWAYS changing. We have to master changing gears. What I mean by this is in the course of a month we could tour with up to three or more different artists who all have different shows and music. It takes great organizational skills, talent and focus to effectively pull this off. The tough part is that you have to commit yourself fully to each situation. This means that from situation to situation you will have to modify certain things to always be at your best and this can be taxing. I've found that it takes meditation and rest to be able to always operate at 100%. I'm always learning new music or writing drums charts for something and it keeps my mind moving ALL the time. From one show to the next, I have to find time to center myself, review the needs of the next job and prepare myself mentally for the tasks at hand. The contradiction is that you have to be able to fully commit and quickly detach afterwards so that you can move onto the next situation. This is why it is always best to keep it about the music and not about personalities. I try not to ever take anything personal or get caught up in organizational politics. I'm there to complete a task with love and humility. All of the other things are too destructive to participate in. This keeps me mentally and emotionally stable and it makes sure that I will get called back. It's all about staying focused on the music and being professional. We must never take anything for granted. We must ALWAYS prepare and deliver our best. Changing gears can be as smooth as WE choose to make it. Enjoy the journey.

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