Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fame Is Not THE Goal

The general understanding of the entertainment industry has gotten totally confused but I guess it's nothing new. It's really the same game in a different time. Popular music has always been driven by the pursuit of fame. The only difference now is that fame has become the first thing people seek. Understand this . . . fame is not THE goal, it is only a byproduct of what happens when you pursue your passion and have success. Well, that's what it's suppose to be anyway. Think about all of the older stars in any genre such as Duke Ellington, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Little Richard, Stevie Wonder, Prince . . .etc. These people only became famous because they were REALLY great at their craft. In today's industry, artists are more concerned about fame than they are about just being good at what they do. This is why the quality of popular music is steadily declining. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing today's music. I actually like a lot of it but it's simply fast food music with no real substance or staying power because most of it is created simply to serve some corporate plan or trend. The pursuit of fame for the sake of fame is also the reason that most artists end up broke. Since they are only concerned with being famous, driving the right car, wearing the right clothes, living in the biggest house . . .etc, they don't realize that fame doesn't pay for these things, it only gets you a loan that you have to pay back. By the time these artists pay for all of the middle men and all of these superfluous and pretentious trinkets, they are simply broke. It's time for us to get things back in proper perspective. Wanting fame is not a bad thing but if it's ALL you want then you are off the mark. Become great at what you do and the rest will follow. History has proven this to us over and over again. Don't let this age of the reality star who is famous for NOTHING push you to forsake honing your craft. Stay focused, grounded and enjoy the journey.

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