Monday, July 16, 2012

Reaching Your Full Potential

In the beginning we all start out with goals and visions but somewhere along the way we get sidetracked or should I say we allow things and people to sidetrack us. When you are younger, it's much easier to spend all of your time practicing and focusing on your art. I mean what else did you have to do? It is this focus and dedication, at an early age, that gets most of us to where we want to be but then we stall. We begin making decisions and choices that don't contribute to our growth potential and success is about reaching your full potential. The fact is that most people in the world NEVER reach their full potential simply because they either give up or become involved in relationships that don't support them fully realizing their potential. The hardest thing to accept as an artist is that you will have to mostly go it alone. The mistake WE ALL make is in thinking that we HAVE to have certain people in our corner, so much so, that we end up leaning on people who may care about us but don't REALLY understand who or what we are. Now I'm not saying that we don't need help. What I'm saying is that we tend to put too much stock in what other people think about OUR potential and talent. When you are given a vision, it is YOUR vision and until YOU make it happen it can just be impossible for others to see, even those who sincerely love you. Therefor you have to guard and protect your vision by simply making choices that will support and not destroy it. Just face it, until YOU manifest it, no one else will get it, so there is no need to waste your time trying to convince your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, best friend . . . etc, to believe in your vision or potential. Once you make it happen they will see. Reaching your full potential simply takes work and relentless dedication. It also takes being able to honestly assess and evaluate who and where you are at ALL times. It's only when WE are in doubt that others can have a negative influence on us. And yes we all have and will continue to make mistakes and sometimes take the wrong path but that is why we must constantly re evaluate to be be sure that we can keep our vision in front of us and pure. Stay true to YOU and enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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