Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Invest Wisely

The most valuable commodity that we have as musicians is our time. Wasted time can never be returned. This is why it is paramount that we truly understand that time really is money and we should handle it as such and always invest wisely. I often hear a lot of musicians complaining about not getting paid well or being disrespected and for the most part all they are doing is wasting time because constantly complaining about an issue doesn't change it, once you know what the problem is, the next step is to find a solution. We should all be more solution oriented. If we know that playing certain clubs or venues doesn't pay well, then just don't play them. It's not even worth debating or having a lot of conversation about it. Club owners have an agenda that doesn't involve improving our financial state. Most of us will say that when we complain that we are only venting well for the most part venting is just wasting time, energy and brain power because after you've vented nothing has changed. The best thing to do is to just invest your energy and time into always moving forward. We REALLY have no time to waste. Every thought and word should contribute to our progress. Let's face it, not all of us really believe that we can have what we want so instead of admitting that we simply waste time blaming others for why we don't have this or that. When you truly believe in yourself and your goals, you don't waste time. If you doubt me, just look around at the people you know that ARE successful. Do they spend time complaining or solving? Just know that success can only come from investing your time wisely and that includes your words, deeds and thoughts. Try taking a week where you only spend your time investing in moving yourself forward. I mean ALL of your time. Don't even have a conversation that doesn't contribute to your progress and just watch what happens. Invest wisely and enjoy the journey.

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