Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No Matter Where You Go, There YOU Are

The one thing most of learn is that success is mostly about change. We start out with a particular idea of what WE think success is but by the time we achieve it, IF we achieve it, we realize that it involved changing ourselves. We sometimes stumble through our lives and careers running from place to place complaining about how people just don't understand us without realizing that it may very well not be everyone else that has the issues but US. Let me explain, one of the most beautiful and yet most destructive things about being an artist is our level of sensitivity. We simply want to be loved and accepted but instead of taking a chance on just being ourselves we get used to trying to be all things to all people. The thing is that this can only last for so long until we get fed up and we usually move on but we don't change our behavior and we then wonder why we keep getting the same results from each situation. Well no matter where you go, there you are. The problem is not everybody else . . . IT'S US! LOL Don't feel too bad though because, trust me, we all have to learn this lesson. The key to being a true success is learning to accept yourself for who you are and don't always try so hard to please everybody. Leave some room for people to please you. I've learned this myself. I've often found that I'm a people pleaser and I've tried to make others happy before myself but when my efforts didn't achieve the intended results I would get frustrated. I've learned that we have to be fully aware of who WE are, good and bad, and make changes to improve ourselves FIRST and not always try to please others first. The key is self analysis. We have to face the truth about our short comings and do what we can to modify them but not just for someone else but for ourselves so that this change is from within and will stay with us no matter where we are. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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