Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Today we celebrate our countries independence which I find interesting as a modern creative artist because with all of our freedoms we, as a creative people are more enslaved than ever before. Instead of pursuing our passion and creating music that challenges the intellect, questions the establishment, pushes the envelope and adds melody to life and love, we have become slaves to commerce. We only want to make music that we think will make money or sell millions of copies. There is no independence in corporate greed for an artist. It used to be that artists became rich by simply being independent and following their creative hearts. People gravitated to the music because it was created from an honest and sincere place, not just to sell records. It's time that we as artists declare our own Independence Day. This is the greatest country in the world with the greatest opportunity for true freedom and as artists we are not doing our job. Historically it has always been our duty to push society forward and not just stand by and regurgitate ignorance. We have the freedom to do what we want to, unlike most other places around the world. We have become to comfortable. The new music business is ALL about declaring and claiming our independence from the penny pinchers and non creative types that care nothing about art. So today as we celebrate and reflect on our country's independence, let's move toward truly freeing ourselves and letting great music and art flow. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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