Thursday, July 12, 2012


Today I want to share something very special with you. We talk a lot about getting our music out to the masses and being accepted but the truth is that acceptance ALL starts within us. I recently received the final cut of a video by an up and coming pop group called Remix. Now hold on I know what you are thinking, POP GROUP!?, but hear me out. This group is special to me because my son Michael is one of the members. The group is a trio comprised of three very sharp teen aged performers. I've had the pleasure to have interacted with them all for a number of years and you know me, I'm not impressed by the pursuit of fame for fame's sack so I've given many a music business speech to them all. Their first single is simply entitled, "Beautiful". It is attached to an anti-bullying campaign headed by another outstanding young lady who also appears on the song but the reason I'm writing about it today is that the lyrics and concept of the song say so much. The song talks about loving everything about who and what you are, even flaws because it's really our flaws that define us. After hearing it, I thought that it not only applies to bullying but to EVERY human condition. Just think about it, people spend tons of money on loosing weight, plastic surgery, clothing, cars . . .etc all to be seen as beautiful and dare I mention how much time and money we invest as musicians/artists in trying to be accepted. This song gives us ALL the answer. You are simply beautiful just because you are YOU. You need not try to prove yourself to ANYONE! Low self esteem lies at the heart of many a bad life decision but just knowing who you are and loving yourself is the true key to success in life on ANY level. So I invite you all to celebrate your own beauty by listening and sharing this video, which you can view @ It is also great to see children in our industry making music with substance and meaning so I also invite you to show your support by downloading the song on itunes @ This song should become the anthem for all of us because WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy the journey.

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