Tuesday, July 24, 2012

There's Joy & Success In Repetition

I watched a documentary a few days ago on Lil' Wayne and it was a very interesting look into his process. He is truly a gifted and very smart artist. Like him or not, you have to give him his due. He made a statement that I thought was profound. He said that his success came from doing things over and over until he got it as close to perfect as he could, repetition. I found this interesting and I agree, there is definitely joy and success in repetition. This basically means that perfect practice makes perfect. Success and wisdom go hand in hand. We learn best from experience and when we see that something works for us then we simply repeat it for as long as it continues to work. Now there are also some bad habits that we need not repeat but we are all human and we WILL make mistakes. Wise repetition is about discipline. In order to gain mastery of ANYTHING, it takes consistent work and dedication. It takes hours upon hours of repetition to perfect and simply get it right. This sounds like a simple concept, but for years we have gotten it wrong. We want all the fame and riches before we put in the hours of work. We put the trappings before content, talent and substance and more times than not we are consumed by the demons of greed and incompetence. We also have to look at the motivating factors. As a child, I spent endless hours listening to music and practicing instruments because I LOVED to play and learn. YES, I wanted to be successful but in the beginning my only motivation was to learn as much as I could about my instrument simply because I loved it and I wanted to be great at playing it. The visions of what I could do with it came much later. You see part of my repetition was observing older guys that had tons of talent and many of them had made it BIG but because they put the fame and vices before the craft, they were either broke, destitute, dead or living a life full of regrets. So as WE journey through this life and career, let's be sure to do our best to only repeat the positive things that add to our growth and success. We can and will learn from our mistakes but we don't have to repeat them. Enjoy the journey.

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