Monday, July 23, 2012

The Gift

I just returned from an outstanding weekend of shows in Canada and the people were so complementary of my playing that is was really humbling. I get this a lot from all kinds of people but it's the things they say to me one on one that really remind me of what this is all about. I was reminded that this ability is a gift and it can inspire people as well as make them happy and THAT is what the gift is for. It's understanding that there is something bigger than you or your ego. I spoke to a man that was a drummer before he was paralyzed in an accident and he said that seeing us play made him happy. This was a reminder to me that NOTHING is promised or guaranteed and it's important that I not misuse or disrespect the gift because it can be taken away from me in an instant. Having a gift is only part of it, it's our responsibility to continue to develop and get better at what we do because our gifts won't carry us ALL the way. It takes humility and life skills to truly understand this concept. We should also NEVER question the gift or the IT factor. It simply is what it is. Once we start trying to figure out what people see or like then we become plastic or fake because our goal then becomes satisfying others instead of just being ourselves and letting the gift shine through. This is not about money or success, it's simply about humility, passion, self understanding and achieving excellence simply because it's what we should do. Staying true to your gift and passion will bring you everything you need and some of what you want. Most of all, it brings you peace of mind and spirit so that you can see clearly and successfully navigate this life and career. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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