Monday, October 18, 2010

Be Careful

I was having a conversation recently with a new artist about laying a plan for his career and how I could help him. I found it amusing that he could not make any plans that didn't include his CREW or HIS BOYS. Now out all of the guys in his CREW he is the only one with any REAL talent and focus. My advice to him is the same I will submit to you today and that is BE CAREFUL who you allow in your circle creatively and otherwise. Loyalty has it's place but you should always be loyal to yourself first. To have a successful career an artist has to be able to identify when something or someone is no longer an asset to them or their career. There are thousands of stories of artists that could have done great things had it not been for there misdirected loyalty to the wrong people. Don't get me wrong we need help but what we really need is the RIGHT help. Don't get caught up in thinking that you have to be a savior or carry your hood, state, homeboys, family...etc because until you do it for yourself you can't do anything for anyone else. Their is one simple way to assess this. As an artist you should have a plan for your life/career. ANYONE THAT DOES NOT FULLY SUPPORT THAT PLAN BY CONTRIBUTING TO YOUR ADVANCEMENT AND WELL BEING SHOULD BE CUT OFF IMMEDIATELY. Now this doesn't mean you want a bunch of yes men but have to know that you can't run as fast with rocks in your pocket. Drop all dead weight.

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