Thursday, October 7, 2010

Decisions Decisions....

Being in the music industry can be such a contradiction. As artists we all want to create music that will sell millions of copies and make us FAMOUS. Now anyone that tells you anything to the contrary is not being truthful. Otherwise why even spend time and money trying to make, package and market a CD. You don't invest money to not make a profit. If making a profit is not the bottom line then you can just make music for your own personal enjoyment and never worry about putting anything out. This brings me to my point... we have make decisions on where we stand. We can complain about the music that's being made and consumed and for the most part we are right. There is a lot of trash out there but there always has been. The funny thing is that those trashy records are selling millions to SOMEBODY. A lot of people complain about not hearing music that deals with this or that and when an artist makes a record that people CLAIM they want to here, they don't by the product and they don't fully support the artist's career. I mean I hear people dis on records everyday only to find that they have the same records on their ipod. Think about this. Music is only a reflection of the society we live in. Now when Berry Gordy started Motown, the society was such that it enabled and nurtured the kind of music that was made at Motown. That music was honest, classy, sexy & hope filled. It made us dance, laugh, cry, party & mourn. It was like a true part of our lives because they dealt with a number of emotions and dimensions of the human experience. And just face it, the intellect of the masses was a bit higher because they had not yet been totally brainwashed by T.V. and corporate greed. The music that we have today is only a by product of where we are in society and education. Now the companies that have to sell CDs could care less about education. There goal is to turn a profit by giving people the lowest most accessible level of entertainment they can because this is what the market dictates. So as creative people we have to make decisions about what we want to do. To be successful you at least have to be fairly relevant. The challenge is being relevant, saying something and selling records. So don't complain about it CHANGE IT! That change starts with our children that are in the classroom now. If they learn to respect music of all forms, play instruments and learn music history then we will be able to impact the creative intellect of the society and then the music can reflect that change. But understand there will always be some trash out there. Just make a decision on who YOU are and where you stand in the game and GO GET IT!

The Truth

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