Monday, October 11, 2010

What It Takes

As a musician I have played and continue to play in a number of different situations from the local club show to T.V. shows such as the Tonite Show and everything in between. I often have musicians ask me WHAT IT TAKES to play at the other level or how do I get certain calls for this gig or that gig. Now, the biggest misconception is that all you have to do is be able to play or perform well to get these jobs and that is not at all true. The truth is that ability is a forgone conclusion most of the time and most musicians lack the character and life skills to be successful at the next level. Getting a certain gig is more about your attitude, dependability and ego. No one cares how many hot licks you can play or how fast or how many fills you can put into one song. When someone is hiring for a position, they are looking for someone that is going do only what is asked of them for the music and the job. Your opinion doesn't matter. The more user friendly you are the better and the top two criteria are BEING ON TIME AND A MAN /WOMAN OF YOUR WORD. Jobs at the next level often require you to have a passport and experience with airline travel. Being a responsible person is more valuable than ANYTHING. I can't tell you how many time I have recommended musicians for a job and they show up late, miss a flight, don't have proper paper work, fail to follow through on communicating, don't have the proper attire or fail to exhibit the proper attitude. These things keep more musicians from advancing than anything. Your word is your bond. People like to hire musicians that make their jobs easier. NO ONE LIKES TO BABYSIT! So if you really want to do better then you have to exhibit certain life skills at all levels. You should approach every situation with the same respect and preparedness. It doesn't matter if the show is for ten people or ten thousand. It doesn't matter if the job pays $100 or $10,000. You should give the same level of professionalism on and off the stage at ALL times. This is how you make it to the next level. Your job is to make whatever situation you are a part of BETTER. Remember when preparation meets opportunity then you have success. Get your act together and you will see doors fly open for you.

The Truth

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