Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Use Logic

I have met so many artists that are just starting out that have great passion but are very naive about what they need in their career. I've seen a lot of artists come to me and say..."You have to talk to my manager" and my thoughts are what the hell do you have to manage?! Most of the time these people have managers that don't know anything about the music industry. It seems that all forms of LOGIC are just non existent. This one is very simple. You don't need a manager if you are not manageable. This simply means that as an artist you must first understand that the manager works for YOU and YOU are the driving force of your career. Use logic to choose when you need a manager. When you have created something that is in demand and is too much for you to MANAGE then you need help. Now again be logical when choosing a manager. If you are a full time artist or musician then how can you have a part time manager?I've seen so many people claiming to be managers but they work eight hour jobs for someone else. My question is how are you managing ANYTHING if you are on someone else's clock for eight hours. You should choose a manager CAREFULLY and for God's sake if a person comes to you asking you to pay them to manage you you...RUN... If a person is serious about helping you build your career, that is just what they will do...HELP! A manager only makes a percentage of what they make you and your percentage should always be higher. For a manager starting out with you ten to fifteen percent is usually a good start. You should develop a relationship without paper work first. Now most people will tell you that they can't work for you without a contract but I disagree. If they only make money by making you money then it shouldn't matter. This gives you and the manager a chance to test the waters. You can do a trial run for six months to see how the relationship works and if after that time you are satisfied you can entertain an exclusive contract but even then I would only do the first contract for a year. Check the person's history as well. Have they managed other artists before? Do they know the music business? Do they have or can they help you find resources to advance your career? And I repeat, IF YOU ARE A FULL TIME MUSICIAN OR ARTIST YOU DON'T NEED A PART TIME MANAGER!!!! Your manager has to be as all in as you are. This is not a game this is your life and career so don't let people play with your business. Forget all the hype and use logic and common sense.

The Truth
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