Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do For Self!

The music industry is a complex puzzle with many many pieces that all are built on the what's in the center of it all....the talent or artist. For an artist to truly have a successful career there are a lot of factors and players needed to comprise a good team. You need a manager, attorney, publicist and accountant to help you advance you career. Notice I said HELP you. The most important piece of the puzzle is YOU. All of the people on the team work for you and if you/the artist are not focused or self motivated, how can you expect results? A lot a of artists' think that managers or record companies are supposed to do ALL of the work while they sit back and WAIT to be famous. Read this carefully..... NO ONE SHOULD EVER WORK HARDER FOR YOU THAN YOU! You/the artist should be the designer of the vision and the driving force to hold his/her team accountable. So many people in the industry have horror stories about being taken advantage of and blaming some manager or attorney. This is some cases is true but in most cases I submit that the only reason they got taken advantage of was that they were lazy and only wanted to be famous or rich and didn't want to participate or have knowledge of the mundane things it takes to insure that you make your money like filing copyrights and publishing papers with the correct information or making sure that your licensing profits are in order. Now don't get me wrong, an artist needs to be able to focus on being a great artist but everything that goes on in YOUR business needs to come to, by, or through you and YOU have to make time to pay attention to it so that no one can take advantage of you by saying "Let us handle this. You don't need to know about all this little stuff". You should know EVERYTHING that has to do with your career and your money. For that matter, no REAL manager wants a lazy artist because that will adversely affect their bottom line. This industry is about WORK and if you want an easy way out, DO SOMETHING ELSE! but if you want a music business career jump in with both feet and go to work.

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