Monday, February 21, 2011


The hardest thing to come to terms with in this business is admitting that you need help. This is so hard because good help is truly hard to find but in order to have success you must learn to duplicate yourself by delegating responsibility. The key to moving forward is consistency on several tasks at once. No one person can do it all alone. It is important that you find people that have gifts and passions that can help serve your vision. You must duplicate yourself so that you can continue to focus on building and guiding your vision. This can happen several ways and don't be so caught up in money or how these people get things done. Just lay out your vision and find people that can buy into it. Understand that you may have to change people along the way but you have got to have help if you are truly going to be successful. So start delegating now. By the way keep your eyes open for our music business ebook due to be published this fall. The ebook will cover a lot of what we talk about in the blog but in much greater detail. Start delegating!

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