Tuesday, February 15, 2011


One of the most commonly used statements in the music business is, "Image is everything." As much as I hate to agree, your visual image is vitally important to your success. I'm not saying that you have to create some fake persona and become a mere caricature of yourself but just understand that this business is driven by image as much as it is by music. Most consumers look at artists/musicians as an escape because we are on stage bearing all that we are at all costs. Most people don't have the courage to do this therefor they admire us for doing so. This admiration can also extend to influence. When we hit the stage, we have to always be at our best. Our image has to be something that people will want to follow and emulate. We must also be aware that we are always marketing on and off stage. Once you decide to be in this game you have to accept the fact that you are always being watched and you must be in good form as much as possible. Image also extends to our photos and CD covers. It is vital that all of us always have top quality photos and graphic design to support whatever project we are working on. Our visual image will most of the time reach people before the music. As a matter of fact, our visual image can determine how many people actually listen to the music. This is all branding and it must always be consistent. When you perform, you should look like a star. I mean the people in the audience should not out dress you. You are the star and they should be in awe of your style and presence. Most people just have a thing and their image is almost automatic and others just need to tweak their image a bit. Also remember that class never goes out of style so whatever your image, just make sure that it is real and something you can pull off all the time. In the words of George Clinton, "If you fake the funk your nose will grow." Just stay sharp and keep it real.

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