Monday, February 14, 2011

The Grammys

I am here in LA for Grammy weekend and I was really surprised by a lot of things people had to say on some of the social sites. As always, there were some questionable wins but the thing a lot of us as musicians and artists have to understand is the Grammys are voted on by members of the Recording Academy. It has nothing at all to do with how many records you've sold or where you are on the charts. Yes it can be and usually is political but for the most part the academy attempts to represent quality in all genres of music. This is why every year someone wins that the general public has never heard of. I advise every artist and musician to join the academy by going to and clicking the join button to see if you are eligible. This way you can cast your vote as well and see how the process works. It is vital that we take every opportunity to participate in the industry and not just sit on the side throwing insults and criticism. And for music fans, watching the Grammys should be used as a chance for you to step outside of your box and enjoy music by artists that you normally would not be exposed to. Life is all about growth, inclusion and acceptance. These people are all hard working creative people that deserve the utmost respect. So give them all a chance. Now go join the academy.

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