Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Words & Thoughts are Things

OK, today we get to the main key to success. In this industry you have to exhibit unshakable faith in order to achieve. One of the statements I use in my lectures is " Success is a learned behavior." Simply put, we have a chance to practice being successful everyday just by the way we live, speak and think. We must remember that our words and thoughts are things. You can manifest anything you want just by truly believing it is possible. Now this sounds simple but it can be difficult because most of us like to gossip or spend time in meaningless conversation. In order to manifest the success you want, you have to be focused on living the process with your words and speech. All of your actions should lend themselves toward your goals. Every association should add something to your life. If you are able to master the small daily successes like staying consistent, focused and making sure that you do something everyday that moves you closer to your goal, then those small actions will add up to big successes. The secret is YOU. All of your energy and thoughts have to be pointed toward your goals. This will keep you from wasting time and doubting. As I stated in an earlier blog, "Think It, Do It." Remember that your words and thoughts are as real and tangible as a brick wall so take control of them and use them to move you forward. Everyday new day gives us a chance to practice being successful. Focus and go practice!

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