Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fame or Fortune?

I was talking to a young artist recently and asked him what he wanted to achieve in his musical career. He said he wanted to be famous. This is very interesting because this type of thinking has been the route of a lot of mislead and impoverished careers. The age old question still exists. Fame or Fortune? Being famous doesn't always equal fortune. Fame only means that a lot of people will know you and for a time your ego will be stroked and catered too but that doesn't guarantee fortune. Making a lot of money and fortune are two vastly different concepts. If you are only concerned about being famous, you are not asking the right business questions and you can be easily mislead, pimped or deceived. Fame can bring you adulation and surface money but the real money is in ownership and understanding that fame is fleeting. You must understand that the persona that the public loves is only a character that works for you. No more, no less. You must not become drunk on your own ego and pursuit of fame because it can be the death of your career. Think about it this way. Pick your favorite artist and check out what they made last year then go check out what the label or distribution company made off of them. You will see a vast difference. Most famous people can be rich but never wealthy. Rich means that if you make a few stupid mistakes like thinking you will always be on top you can loose all of your money and be back to nothing. Wealthy means your money can sustain the next two or three generations of your family. The funny thing is that the real wealthy people are hardly ever known because fame is not their concern. They understand that they can make money off of your want to be more famous than wealthy. So stay focused on the fact that this is business and don't get fooled by the hype. Longevity awaits you.

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