Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Think It, Do It

Have you ever noticed that many of our ideas and inspirations are only powerful at their inception? This is true for most of us but we need to adopt a need creed. When you think it, just do it. The way to not allow our ideas to weaken is to put them into action IMMEDIATELY. Don't discuss them with a lot of people. This only gives others time to discourage or take away from your initial inspiration. From the moment you have a vision or idea, your next step should be to actualize that idea. Don't question it! Go ahead and DO IT and after you have done it, you can modify or adjust from there but just make it happen. This is truly the only way to be successful in this business or any other. This also goes back to time management. Spend your time developing and actualizing your ideas and visions. Don't spend time talking or dreaming about them. They say talk is cheap but I beg to differ. Talk is expensive because all the time you spend in useless conversation is valuable time that you can spend DOING something. Time is truly money. Success is a learned behavior and we have to practice being successful in everything we do. It all starts with this concept. Think it, Do it! Now go get it!

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