Monday, October 10, 2011

Chasing The Dream

I had the pleasure of attending a fair talent show this past weekend. I don't usually go in for talent shows but it's always cool to see young and inspired children chasing the dream. The only thing that was painfully obvious is most of them are going in the wrong direction. These types of events can be great experiences for young talent but in the end they just end up being huge money makers for the organizers. Even though there are cash prizes involved most of the talent involved would not even break even with what they've invested in costumes and lessons to prepare for this one event. I spoke to a few of the parents and I was blown away at how still mislead people are when it comes to breaking their children into the business. The music industry has changed forever. It has always been hard for children to make it because of all of the legal issues involved and labels just don't like paying what it costs to develop an artist, especially now. The good thing is, with the right information, you can develop the artist yourself. Let's take the latest great child success Justin Bieber. He first of all has a great amount of drive and passion for what he does but he was able to find some one who believed in him enough to walk him through the trenches. Not by spending money at these cattle call events where you pay to be so called discovered but by developing a career for him. Having the look, charisma and talent all means nothing if you don't have the right vehicle. Justin's manager created such a vehicle with his first single. They knew they had a hit so they just invested in getting Justin and the song heard and seen by as many radio stations and venues as possible. Not to mention that it was Justin's YouTube vids that brought him to his managers attention. I guess what I'm saying is stop chasing a dream and make it a reality by taking things into your own hands. As a young artist, once you discover your thing, nurture it. Make quality music and vids to help you build a fan base. Having a fan base gives you clout and companies will be coming after you because they will see that you have already established your presence. You have to invest your time and money wisely. Don't spend thousands of dollars on seminars to dance and sing in front of people just because they are from a certain city or record company. Invest your time and money in getting your songs, vids, website, photos and marketing together as well as studying the music business. All of these things will insure that those people will eventually know about you. Stop spending money in vain chasing the dream and make the dream a reality by taking control of your own career. It can be done. Enjoy the journey.

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