Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Please Understand

OK once again let me try to impart something very important to all aspiring and veteran artists. Success in this industry is based on having the right material, plan and team. If you are afraid to spend money or invest in yourself, then just quit now. You can not expect something for nothing. Please understand how this works. If you have a really great project, don't sell it short by not investing fully in it. Everybody specializes in this industry. You need a publicist to get you interviews, reviews and just known. The publicist's job is to let as many people know who you are and what you do as possible. The publicist is not a manager or booking agent. A booking agent is responsible for getting you paid shows. It's not the booking agents responsibility to manage you. The manager is suppose to help you reach your career goals by putting you in the right situations to make things happen. Now all of these people may occasionally be able to cross a line and work outside of their specialty but don't expect it often. Mangers and booking agents work on a percentage basis, so if you don't get paid they don't get paid. A publicist is paid up front. It is vital to keep your music promoted and exposed. The price of publicist may vary based on their Rolodex of connections. I've found that having a great publicist is worth it's weight in gold. It may seem like a lot of money to invest but you will reap that investment three times over. I'm just tired of artists saying they want to be successful but they are not willing to put it ALL on the line. Again if you can't afford to play the game the right way then just give it up. It really doesn't take that much. You can save a little money from each gig over a period of time to help pay for a publicist or whatever you need. You must first have a clear cut plan. Now go check your plan and do some research on hiring a publicist to fit your needs and budget. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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