Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Are Always On Stage

One of the things that has gone lacking in the current industry is artist development. There was a time when every label had some kind of artist development team. Motown Records was the most successful at developing the whole artists. The thing I think a lot of new artists miss is that being on stage is an honor, privilege and responsibility. It doesn't just end when your performance is over. When you choose a career in show business you have to understand that you are always on stage. We are blessed to get to make a living by sharing our musical gifts with people and we can never forsake how our actions can affect and influence our fans. I don't mean that you have to try to be who others want you to be but it is important to set a standard for yourself. An artist should always carry him/herself like a star at all times. This doesn't mean that you walk around with an ego but you have to understand that you are always marketing or selling who you are. It may not seem fair but people buy into our images and they don't want to see us walking around the grocery store looking crusty. Just always be aware of your appearance and how you speak and carry yourself in public. Another issue I have with some artists in public drinking, especially when you are on stage. Now I know we are adults but the stage should be treated with respect. It's OK to take a sip here and there but to turn the stage into a bar area makes you too common. The stage is suppose to create a fantasy for people. That's why we dress like stars and act like stars on stage as oppose to just looking and acting like everybody else. Most people don't have the courage to get on stage and do what we do so we must maintain a level of quality in our presentations. It is also important that we know how to carry ourselves in interviews, restaurants, parties, galas, award shows . . . etc. We should be well read and able to have intelligent conversation about a number of topics. Don't allow people to relegate you to just being THE TALENT. Since we are performers people will sometimes take for granted that we are ignorant to anything other than what we do. This why it is critical that we carry ourselves in the best way possible when off the performance stage. As I stated earlier we are always on stage. So always dress to impress with class and style. Speak to everyone with respect and humility. Be the best artist and person you can be AT ALL TIMES. The stage lights NEVER dim. Someone is ALWAYS watching. Enjoy the journey.

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