Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't Be Afraid To Just Be YOU

Relationships and music are so very much a like. It takes honesty, commitment, patience and love to be successful at both. A friend of mine said something about people in relationships being afraid to be their REAL selves for fear of loosing the person they are in love with. This conversation struck me because I have experienced that same feeling as a musician all my life. Let me explain, I have always known who I am as an artist and the music I create truly comes from within the REAL me but I have often found myself trying create things based on trying to please people around me. Now I have the ability to do anything I want. It's just that the way I hear things is most of the times beautiful but just a little left of center. I have always dealt with people that felt a need to change what is naturally beautiful about me and my creative being and sad to say but I allowed it to happen. The fact is there is no real freedom in compliance. Don't ever be afraid to just be you. I've discovered that the best thing for me to do is to trust my heart and inspiration even if those around me don't get it. True love, whether in a musical situation or personal relationship is not constricting. It is freeing. There is no better feeling that to have God plant the seed of an idea in your mind and for you to birth that idea into something beautiful and tangible that can be shared with others. As artists and just people we have to not be afraid to explore and share the realest parts of who we are. It takes a lot of energy to be fake or to try to be what you think others want you to be. The funny thing is when you finally decide to just be yourself, you discover that the world will open up and grant you all you want, need and deserve because everything about you is walking in truth. Now that doesn't mean we are perfect. We all have our quirks but I believe that it is our quirks that make us individually beautiful and artistically unique. I guess you can say it makes us imperfectly perfect. So the next time you sit down to create, just free your mind of any outside demands or opinions and just create what's in YOUR heart and I know that you will find it amazing. Stay true to YOU and by doing this you are guaranteed success in both your musical and personal lives. Please enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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