Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just Keep Working

The biggest think you need to have in this industry is faith. The only way to not succeed is to give up. Everyone seems to think that one day they will get their big break and once it shows up they can start to really work. Well here's a news flash. There is no BIG break. When preparation meets opportunity then you have success. You have to just keep working and preparing ALL the time knowing that you are prepared for every opportunity that comes your way. If you stay ready then you never have to get ready. Success is all about small consistent pieces coming together to make a whole. You have to know that by working , getting better and more knowledgeable about what you do makes you a success. When the door opens for you it's to late to get prepared. I've heard so many stories of how producers and writers got a hit and offers started pouring in so fast that they spent most of their time doing business and not making music. They were able to survive because for years before that hit they were always working so they had a catalogue of material that was already done. They were ready! That is exactly what you have to do. Don't be too concerned about when or where your opportunity will come. Just know that it WILL come and your job is to be prepared to take advantage of it. Stay encouraged and focused on continuing to develop your craft. They say opportunity only knocks once. I disagree . . . it knocks everyday. You just have to answer buy doing the work. Enjoy the journey.

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