Thursday, October 13, 2011

Facing A Hard Truth

Being blessed with a gift and the passion to pursue it can sometimes seem like a blessing and a curse. No matter how self motivated we are, we always want to feel like there is someone or something we can count on. The closer we get to achieving our goals, especially the extraordinary ones, the harder it gets and we begin to find out the truth about the people around us. We would all like to think that everyone wants to help us and see us succeed but that is far from reality. I've found that achieving success involves facing a hard truth and that truth is not many people are truly blessed or courageous enough to pursue their heart's desires and when they see someone who isn't afraid, it only reminds them of their own failure so they do all they can to stand in your way. Most may say that this is just being paranoid but it isn't. The hard thing about having a gift is that you realize that you were only given this gift to share it with the world but there are a lot of jealous, selfish and egotistical people in the world. The thing I've realized is that it's all part of a larger test. We have to be able to stay focused and committed in spite of anything or anyone that we may THINK is against us. We have the power to control everything in our world and people can only hurt you if you give them the power to do so. So the real truth is we have to always stay connected to the higher power that blessed us with our gifts and give no attention to anything that doesn't contribute to us achieving our goals. It is truly mind and heart over matter. Never be bitter or allow a situation or person to make you become negative. It's all about maintaining a pure heart and focus. Don't ever look outside of yourself for validation or acceptance. You have to trust and believe then so it will be. Not everyone will understand so just don't include them. Stay connected, inspired and let nothing negative infiltrate your heart. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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