Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Respect The Industry

Today I want to talk about the most misunderstood aspect of our industry and that is the level of RESPECT you should for the industry itself. Most people only enter the music business as some kind of hustle or get rich quick idea and history has shown us time and time again that when you don't respect the industry it will consume you. There are countless examples of people who have gotten rich and lost it all mostly because of a disrespect for the industry and what it takes to make and sustain a career. When you decide to be an artist or participate in any facet of the music business you should approach it with the same respect and diligence as someone entering the medical or legal fields. This business is not a hobby. Most people think that we play and create music because we either could not or would not pursue what they refer to as a REAL job. Here in lies the disrespect. The music industry is filled with careers that require various skill sets, drive and raw instinct. It isn't for the faint at heart. One must always maintain a high level of competency and understand that success in this and any industry is about role playing. No one is on top all the time but you can be consistent. For example: you may enter the industry as an artist, have a few hits, make some videos, tour and then discover that you are not as in demand as you once were or your earning potential as an artist is not what it once was but from being in the game you recognize that there are many other positions that can keep you working such as producing, writing, managing, entertainment law, artist development etc. The key is to respect the industry by educating yourself on all sides of it not just what you do but who counts the money, who are the publishers, who makes the key decisions on how the industry operates and how can you go from being an artistic pawn to being a major player. You can only do so by truly respecting the industry and always demanding only the best from yourself and those you work with. Also you should always work or strive to work with people that know more than you do so that you can grow and continue to develop this respect. This, to those of us that DO IT everyday and night, is not a game so if you are not serious find something else to do. Respectfully in love.

The Truth

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  1. Great post, I have attempted to explain the same sentiments to both musicians and non-musicians alike and it is very difficult to convey the level of dedication and skill that is involved in having a role in this industry. I believe you have succeeded with the statements here.