Monday, December 5, 2011


OK enough is enough. I would like to address children and show business. I have a very talented thirteen year old son. He began showing interest in music form age three but I didn't force it on him. I simply allowed him to be exposed to music and performance. He then began to express a keen interest in wanting to pursue a career and he does have a gift. Now I know every parent thinks their child can be a star but I'm serious, this child is someone special. As he has gotten older, I've focused on nurturing his talent so that he can be fundamentally sound on all fronts and not just another cute child that will lose his charm once he's an adult. I also have experience working with other talented children and I want to discuss one of the most ignorant things I was told by a group of parents. These people told me that if my child and their children did not make it in the business by the time they were sixteen that they would be washed up and have no career. Now keep in mind that I have been traveling the world as a professional musician since I was nineteen years old. I've appeared on the Tonite Show, American Music Awards, David Letterman, etc . . . as well as having produced quite a few records for major and independent label artists. So I think I'm more than qualified when it comes to knowing how THIS business works. These people spend thousands of dollars sending their children to cattle call auditions only to return with a trophy or certificate that says that their child has potential so they keep going around ruining the child's true view of this business because the child begins to buy into the lie of only having a few years to make it. This is not only sad but it is abuse. For those of you that REALLY have a talented child you should keep in mind that if anyone asks you for money in advance to do anything for your child then are not legitimate. A real agent will only make money when they make YOU money. They work on a percentage basis. The problem we have is that people have been so brain washed by these T.V. talent shows that everyone thinks their child can be famous and they are willing to do and spend anything to get there. Just imagine if they spent that same time, money and energy on fully developing the child's gifts by putting them in the best dance, acting, singing and instrumental classes as well as making sure that the child has a strong understanding of how the music business works and is aware of ALL of the career opportunities in this industry such as entertainment law, publishing, songwriting, producing, etc. . . I FULLY support the artistic development of any child but I think the time as come for parents to stop seeing talented children as mill tickets. If you are truly interested in getting your child into this business just call a REAL child agency in any of the major markets and let them tell you what you should do. Disney, Nickelodeon and the like are always having auditions. Look them up and get the schedules. The Internet has also made it so that you can promote any one's talent just by uploading a great video. This doesn't involve you spending a lot of money or taking the child all over the place on wild goose chases. YouTube videos can also serve as resume pieces to show an agent who you are, your look, talent and personality. So for those people telling children that they only have until 16 to be successful, PLEASE STOP IT AND EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!! Enjoy the journey.

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