Thursday, December 1, 2011

How Do You Define Making It?

The American music industry is youth driven. Most people are simply discarded after age twenty five. The sad thing about this concept is that we buy into it. I talk to musicians all the time that say they are too old or missed their shot. There are no missed shots. This is a life long pursuit. Everyone wants to make it but how do you define making it? The fact of the matter is very few people are sincerely concerned about pursuing their passion and growing in their craft. The main focus is on money and fame. If they don't sell a million records or make millions of dollars then they consider themselves unsuccessful. I have been mentored by some of the greatest musicians and artists of our time and it inspires me to see them at age fifty and up still pursuing their goals and breaking NEW ground. This only let's me know that there is no time limit on pursing your passion and you can't allow yourself to become a slave to things and fame. They are both fleeting but truly making it means that you have been able to live a good life and provide for your loved ones while continuing to grow and pursue your passion. It is not defined solely by money. I believe that when you focus only on money and/or fame you miss the big picture. Maybe this is why music and art, for the most part have become plastic with no soul. Artists are more concerned with their brand and merchandising than they are about making great music and art. They make money but I fear we are going to be left with an artistically lost generation. Music and art are like breathing. If you don't breathe, you will die. No one has to pay you to breathe. You do so for survival. Let's place the focus back on the music and the craft. If we make great art, then the money and everything else will come but it will ALL be based on the quality of our music and not how well we market our brand. That is how I define making it. Enjoy the journey.

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