Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just Be Honest

The music business is full of contradictions. I mean the very name music business is an oxymoron. As artists we are suppose to create art that comes from our heart but the truth is most of us are people pleasers and we want to be liked and accepted so at some point in our lives we begin to compromise our creative integrity. This happens so subtly that years can pass before we realize that we have lost sight of who we are as artists and sometimes even as people. We are different by design and that is a good thing but we allow people to make us think that there is something wrong with the way we think, look, act or dress just because we don't fall into what they see as normal. My advice is just be honest. Be honest with yourself about who you really are and don't sacrifice or compromise your art or integrity for the business or for any other person. We are beautiful just as we are and if we have to change to be accepted then maybe we need to re-examine the relationships we have chosen. The music business has turned in on itself. It has become more business than art. People are no longer concerned about being great artists, they just want to be rich. As artists we have to regain control of this industry but we must first regain control of our own creative space. We need no longer lie to ourselves or the people around us just to make them happy or to be accepted. If they don't like us or our art then let them move on but we can no longer quench our creative spirit. True artistic expression is rooted in honesty to one's self and that honesty opens to door to clarity and that door grants us inner piece . . . artistic fulfilment, if you will. I'm not saying that we shouldn't want to be successful or wealthy. I'm just saying that we need only be honest about our art and our very being too achieve what ever level of success we are pursuing. Don't be a yes man/woman all the time. If you don't like it or if your art is a little left of center, then so be it. Just be your best you. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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