Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The most important thing we all have in this business is our belief in ourselves. As artists it is not always easy to maintain this belief because we are always searching for approval or validation from others. The thing we have to do is not be so concerned about what any one thinks about us or our art. Of course we want people to like what we do but we can't be so influenced by others that we begin to make art for the sole purpose of someone Else's approval. It's also hard to know who is telling you the truth. No one can REALLY judge art. It is so subjective. We have to be strong enough to stand by our creative inspirations and if people like it cool and if they don't that's cool too but either way all you can do is create from an honest place. Looking for outside validation can also be dangerous because people will use that against us. They may see that you have something unique but they won't help you unless they can reap the larger benefit. Creating art and having faith go hand in hand. We need not search for another man's approval. Just create the art that is in YOUR heart and I promise you it will be accepted. Once people realize that their opinion doesn't drive your process one way or the other then they will just lay back and accept who YOU are. It can also save your feelings. I mean how many times have you created something great only to have someone close to you give you a luke warm reception of it. Now does their opinion mean that your creation wasn't great or does it mean that they just didn't get it. Not everyone exists on the same creative level. Take Thelonius Monk for example. He made music that changed the way we look at melody and harmony but when he created his art, not many people understood it. They were not on his level so they were not equipped to judge or validate his art. It was only later that his genius was appreciated. Imagine if he had listened to those people, we would never have experienced the beauty of his art. So take people's opinions of your work with a grain of salt. Trust YOUR heart and vision. True genius is never really understood right away so don't allow people with a limited creative IQ to try and judge your art. The only validation you need is self validation. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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