Monday, December 26, 2011

Don't Ever Give Up

The one thing it takes to be successful in any career is pure unadulterated commitment. There is no such thing as an easy road. This is especially true in the music industry. It's all about trial and error but each step brings us closer to our goal. Now I admit that along the we sometimes create our own obstacles. Once you have a family and you create responsibilities it can seem next to impossible to achieve your goals. A lot of us will use this as an excuse for quitting. Well I say, don't ever give up. We can choose to do something just because it pays the bills but in the end it really won't serve you or your family well. Don't get me wrong, this is not something that's for everyone but if you have the gift, passion and commitment, then you can have what you want if you just stay on task. It takes a strong resolve to pursue a vision that no one seems to see but you. This is especially hard for artists because everyone sees our talent but they don't necessarily value it. They figure it's just a hobby, you know not a REAL job, so they just don't place any real value on what we do. We are further disrespected by people thinking that our job is so easy that anyone can do it so you even have laymen always trying to tell us how to do what we do. It seems that no one really gets it. In the face of this kind of disrespect and mis education I understand why some may just want to give up but I challenge you not too. Use all the lessons you've learned, take all of those feelings of neglect and being devalued and under payed and channel them into something beautiful. We develop so many skill sets by doing what we do that we don't even realize our own value most of the time. Take some time to re prioritize your goals by trimming the fat. Anything that doesn't truly serve your vision, let it go. It is only slowing you down. Anyone that doesn't truly support you, not only in word but in action, let them go. You have to decide how much you really want this. Remember it's always darkest just before the dawn. Just don't ever give up and you will see the light. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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