Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hurt Feelings

I've often heard people say, "It's just business." Most of the times they say this to justify some insensitive or immoral behavior. We are all told that to be successful you have to be unemotional and cold hearted. There can be no hurt feelings. Well this is a crock. As creative people we are wired to be sensitive, thoughtful and caring. That's why it's hard for most artists to become wealthy because most decisions about money have nothing to do with art or some one's feelings. This doesn't just occur at the million dollar level. I've seen people lie and betray others over a few hundred dollars and when called on it they just say that it's business. Now it's true that every situation, gig, contract or event is a negotiation and like it or not the other party is only concerned about their interest. They are not REALLY concerned about treating you fairly. They will know that you are worth $10,000 but if they can convince you to take less, even if it means playing on your artistic emotions, they will. When you find out that you were underpaid they say yet again don't take it personal, it's just business. I believe that you can be shrewd, honest and caring. I also believe that it is OK to be honest about having hurt feelings. Yes we have to be tough but true toughness comes from being able to do good honest business and have people walk away from the table feeling like they were treated fairly and with respect. We can ALL have what we want but no one can have it ALL so don't ever think that being insensitive or betraying your nature will benefit you financially. We just have to always be upfront about what we want and don't want. No need to listen to a bunch of sob stories about this or that. We have a service to offer and we will deliver on our end so there is no need not to demand the same from the other party involved. Having hurt feeling doesn't make you week. It just makes you human but don't let being hurt make you hurt others. Just know that you can be a compassionate artist and a good business man/woman with heart. Enjoy the journey.

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