Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Handling Disappointment

OK guys let's have a real heart to heart about something that is a little taboo... failure. Our success is largely driven by our belief in our self. When no one else believes we have to be strong enough to persevere but this can be hard because none of us want to fail. Failing or falling is all a part of being successful. Handling disappointment is a skill that we all need to learn to master if we are really serious about making it in this game. I say it's taboo because no one ever wants to talk about their mistakes or failures. We all believe in the power of positive thinking and communication so we think that if we don't address these failures then they won't exist. Well addressing or facing your failures is a part of positive self motivation. Disappointments simply serve to make us better. Every set back or failure gives us a chance to grow. What we have to do is be strong enough to handle these moments and not let them handle us. If you fail at one approach at least you know what doesn't work so you are still a winner. People only become jaded and bitter because they have not learned how to handle disappointment. They beat themselves up so bad that they are defeated even before they start again. Let's learn to see every failed experience as a teachable moment. I can't tell you how many things I've learned from falling short of the mark. I've recovered from every one of those experiences with more knowledge and wisdom. Yes wisdom. Wisdom only comes from living your life full out and understanding how to deal with and recover from failures. Life is beautiful everyday and your goals ARE attainable. Just keep getting up and you will WIN. Enjoy the journey.

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